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    Before the old wood reaches its final form to be a hagiography ,it's being processed with the traditional method. In most cases we take the wood from demolition of houses (floors, doors, windows and utilitarian objects such sofras, tubs, etc.). First we remove the colors and then fungi and saraki.Usually the wood is showing cracks which were built with wood pulp and covered with ampoli. Used 24 gold and 22 carats and colors derived from mineral powders that are mixed with egg and vinegar .Finally we wax the image.
    The old woods looking at my tours in Greece.
    With great love I give a second chance in a timber that hosted generations of people for a hundred, two hundred and more years to relive and take into corners other favorite homes. Since the wood is becoming increasingly inaccessible to undertake painting on wood that you have on your property.
    Here is also followed the traditional technique. As has been the ravages of time, the process of hagiography begins with the flagstones of ampolis as the old wood.

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